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Surf + March

Surf + March

8–10am Huntington Beach (14th Street)

11–12pm to HB Pier



  • Nancy Hastings, Oceana
  • Kim Hamrock, former surfing world champion and author
  • Jericho Poppler, former surfing world champion and environmentalist
  • Katherine Terrell, surfer and business owner

For many decades, coastlines were protected from offshore drilling under laws with widespread bipartisan support. These protections are now under attack. The Trump Administration proposes to open up vast areas of our oceans for oil extraction, including California’s vital marine sanctuaries. In partnership with Oceana Southern California, we water women — business owners, students, and coastal stewards — are coming together to surf and march in protest of this dangerous proposal.

California is pushing hard to invest in our clean energy future. It’s time the federal government got behind us. Offshore drilling is a regress to the past which exposes everyone who depends on the coast to unacceptable risks. It threatens the vibrant coastal recreation and hospitality industries that contribute billions to the economy. The heavy cost of drilling far outweighs the benefits. We must take immediate action to shift to smart and sustainable energy alternatives

The presence of oil rigs on our coasts invokes a foreboding reminder of the precarious nature of its business. At best, persistent tar balls cling to our feet and wetsuits. Business as usual inevitably pollutes and harms marine life. At worst, oil spills devastate our coasts. We remember Refugio. We remember Deepwater Horizon. Any drilling operation is vulnerable to disaster. It’s become clear that we cannot trust oil giants with our most precious resource.

Please join us in making a statement to our elected representatives that we stand in solidarity against new offshore drilling on our coast.

Come one, come all, with picnics, surfboards, signs, and voices. Let’s make waves and be heard!

[Photo credit: Surfer at Huntington Cliffs, August 2007, by Chris Grant / JettyGirl. This image is not Photoshopped.]