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Of the Sea

The powerful short documentary Of the Sea, by the talented film maker and lady shredder Jordyn Romero, is officially released, and we couldn't be happier.

Of the Sea is a female-driven surf film that follows Jeux De Vagues founder Katherine Terrell and her entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption. The film has had a successful film festival run with 16 festival acceptances, 5 award nominations, and screenings in countries around the world.

Of the Sea


Katherine's life began in the ocean. At age five, she launched off the coast of Vietnam as a refugee to cross the Pacific Ocean by boat with her father and pregnant mother. Today, she is a steward of positive change. Of the Sea dives deep into the heart of the environmentalist and designer.

She started her swimsuit brand Jeux De Vagues in 2017 with the motto “Hot Bikinis For a Hot Planet." Living in a time plagued by climate change, Katherine started her company not to simply make money, but to bring people to action.

The film reflects Katherine’s inner thoughts about the realities of plastic pollution, accepting her refugee identity, and giving her son a future to thrive.


Of the Sea from Jordyn Romero.